Unbound Bike Assembly & Boxing

Needing to find a bike shop to assemble your bike for Unbound Gravel and then box it back up after the event? We have you covered!

Conveniently located in downtown Emporia as the oldest bike shop still in operation, we can make sure your bike is set up and ready to go before race day. With professionally trained full-time staff, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to how your bike will handle come race day.

Cost: $200

Just pack or box: $100

Bike Assembly

Bike Boxing

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When you ship your bike to us, please make sure that you include the bike fit and measurements in the box. This is essential for us to set up the bike optimally before your arrival at the shop. Additionally, it’s important only to ship your bike and its components in the bike box. Items like shoes, helmets, clothing, and any other gear should be transported separately. This helps us efficiently and effectively handle your bike and its setup without worrying about losing your personal items.

When it comes to shipping your bike you have two options

  1. You can go through Bike Flights and make sure to search for us on who you are sending the bike to
  2. Create your own labels via UPS or FedEx and provide them to us

Whatever is cheapest for you to get your bike to the event. 

There is a reason I send my athletes to High Gear: I trust them to make sure my athlete's bikes are ready for race!